Pasco County

SkydiveLocated on the northern edge of the Tampa Bay area, Pasco County offers a great place to live and relax. Pasco County communities are located within commuting distance to major cities but far enough away from city life to have that country feel. Pasco County has approximately 20 miles of shoreline and with an average temperature of 72 degrees it’s the perfect place to experience the outdoors.

Land O’Lakes is set among around 100 lakes, hence the name and feel of this laid back community. It is very close to the Tampa Bay area and very close to Tampa International Airport and it also boasts several private airfields for those who fly on their own aircraft.

Pasco residents have access to a great education system and several hospitals, clinics and diagnostic care facilities. Parts of the county are a great relocation option for retirees. The county has over thirty parks to choose from with activities ranging from picnics and playgrounds to fishing and biking and then there’s Anclote Island where you can scuba dive and snorkel or go canoeing or boating on the Cotee River.

One community is Wesley Chapel, which is one of Pasco’s fastest growing communities. Here you are just a stones throw from the New Tampa Neighborhood and are close to the world renowned Saddlebrook Resort & Spa. Restaurants are abundant on the Boulevard and shopping at the new Wiregrass mall with concerts outdoors add to the ambiance of the neighborhood.

St. Leo is located on the shores of Lake Jovita and is rich in history; the city was founded in the late 1880’s by the Benedictine nuns and Monks. Visitors can see many of the originals buildings from the town’s beginnings.

Located in eastern Pasco County, Zephyrhills is the home of Pure Water. Nestled between Pasco communities Zephyrhills attracts sky divers from around the world at the famous Sky Dive City. The World War II Barracks Museum calls Zephyrhills home.

The largest city in Pasco County is New Port Richey which lies along the banks of the Pithlachascotee River. This city has a very historic downtown with beautiful Spanish revival architecture. In the 1920’s celebrities congregated at places like the New Port Richey Hacienda Hotel. Some celebrities even built homes here like Shirley Temple, Babe Ruth and Gloria Swanson. It’s a beautiful place to call home.