REO Management & Disposition

Our firm is a full service REO Asset Management/Disposition Company for Florida assets. We provide specialized services in the management and marketing of commercial and residential REO assets. Our clients include banks, lending institutions, investment bankers and mortgage companies. We have been successful in exceeding client expectations by providing customized services based on the type of asset, location, and the individual client's goals and objectives.


  • Immediate Securing of the Property and Initial Condition Report - Property is assessed and secured upon listing. Detailed property reports providing an accurate and complete evaluation of interior and exterior property conditions are available.
  • Moisture Damage Evaluation and Repair - We can provide your company with all necessary services to complete repairs due to moisture including air testing, moisture testing, and full documentation by certified Industrial Hygienist.
  • Construction Services - We can utilize our construction partners to manage repairs from minor paint touch-ups to major repairs including those caused by vandalism or storm damage.
  • Trash Removal -  We have complete debris and hazard removal services to rid the property of unsightly and dangerous items.
  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning - We oversee major cleaning and periodic upkeep of the property.
  • On-Going Periodic Condition Documentation - We can provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly photographs/reports of each property, depending on your needs.

Sales & Marketing

  • Complete Listing and MLS Services - Properties are listed and managed through the MLS to optimize prospect visibility.
  • Property Signage -  We can provide on-site signage as well as all allowable signage options to provide properties with high "drive-by" visibility.
  • Online, Print, and Direct Mail Advertising - Our team can create high impact print ads designed to draw maximum traffic.
  • Prospect Reporting - We can provide complete traffic reporting and analysis to determine the best method of marketing a particular asset.
  • Value-Added Recommendations - We evaluate each asset and make specific recommendations to enhance the value with minimal investment.
  • Offer Management - We have the tools and experience to handle multiple offers across several properties.  We can streamline the review and consideration process and provide specific recommendations for counter offering or accepting.
  • Closing Coordination - We will oversee the entire contract to closing critical path.